Materials and Processes Research Engineer

Lena Meyer

Lena Meyer Materials and Processes Engineer at UNSW Canberra Space, holds a satellite platform.

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Lena Meyer is a member of UNSW Canberra Space where she investigates the opportunities of Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing technologies for small satellites. Her work focuses on the development of multi-material metallic structures that are manufactured with cold spray additive manufacturing technology together with CSIRO Manufacturing Lab 22 in Melbourne.

She is the project lead of the research project ‘Advanced manufacture of cubesat components’ which is part of DMTC’s High Altitude Sensor Systems program and aims to develop key advanced manufacturing capabilities for small satellite components in Australia. For UNSW Canberra Space’s M2 Mission, Lena is supporting the satellite testing and operations as a flight operations engineer.

Before her position at UNSW Canberra, Lena graduated with a Bachelor and Master of Science from the University of Bremen, Germany. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science in Production Engineering, both with a focus on materials science.